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Datsun 240Z Safari Kit by Tamiya (1:12 scale)

Tamiya’s scale models possess such intricate detail that they are often described as “museum items”. These models are nearly perfect replicas of full-size objects, shrunken down to a smaller scale. Through the process of assembling, painting and finishing these accurate models by hand, one is provided with a unique “three-dimensional” insight into the shape and vast detail of the full-sized object at a mere glance.


Tamiya Datsun 240Z Rally Kit TT01E

Includes: Tamiya Datsun 240Z Rally X On-Road Car kit, 540 motor, ESC, clear body, tires, foam bumper, wheels, 19 tooth pinion gear 61 tooth spur gear, window mask, decals and instruction manual

Requires: Radio: 2-channel with one standard servoRadio Batteries: 8 AA size (for transmitter)Battery: 6-cell stick pack with standard connectorCharger: AC/DC timed or peak for 6-cell battery

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