Detailing Brushes, Set of 5 by Griot’s Garage

If you’re serious about detailing, then it pays to have the right tool for the job. Here’s a basic and varied brush set from Griot’s Garage to get you started.


This set includes five brushes with the same ergonomically designed handle. The difference is in the bristles. Two of the brushes feature synthetic bristles, two have metal bristles, and one uses horse hair. They are small enough to easily store in your car care bag, tool box, or on a peg board.

  • The horse hair upholstery brush is designed for cleaning crevices on delicate surfaces like leather and cloth upholstery, piping, polished chrome, and wood instrument panels.
  • Extra durable crimped nylon bristles make the general detailing brush ideal for cleaning gaps and crevices all over your vehicle.
  • Stainless steel bristles make the engine bay brush tough enough to tackle big jobs in the engine bay. Use it anywhere you need aggressive cleaning of dirt or rust and corrosion removal on durable parts.
  • Less aggressive than stainless steel, the brass bristled brush is good for the eradication of light corrosion or rust on metal. It also quickly and effectively removes dirt, grease, and curb scuff marks from white-lettered tires and whitewall tires. The bristles are crimped for added strength.
  • Rigid, long-bristle nylon brush cleans durable, textured plastic trim items and in a jam can be used to clean caked on polish or compound from your polishing pads.

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