Engine Detailing Kit by Griot’s Garage

If your engine bay is a display case then you’re likely one of those who detail the under hood as much as they detail the outside. If so, check out this engine detailing kit from Griot’s Garage.


Popping open the hood means a lot more to us and we have developed this comprehensive kit to ensure your engine sparkles and shines as well as it runs. It includes all the cleaners, dressings, implements, and specialty brushes you’ll need to detail all engine related surfaces from cast aluminum and iron to delicate painted rubber and plastic hoses and trim. Along with Engine Cleaner and Engine Bay Dressing you get a Microfiber Detailing Mitt, gentle horse hair and boars’ hair brushes, two nylon brushes, and two metal-bristled brushes for the tough stuff.

More Information: GriotsGarage.com


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