Ferrari 488 GT3 by LookSmart Models (1:18 scale)

LookSmart Models painstakingly recreates the heroes of the automotive world in scales from 1:12 to 1:43. They still love the experience of taking an idea from drawings until the final product. As a collector, you will love their work.



The 488 GT3 made its world competition debut in Round 2 of the 2016 Australian GT Championship at the Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne on 17 March (the round was run as a support category to the 2016 Australian Grand Prix). Italian Andrea Montermini and Danish driver Benny Simonsen shared the car for Australian team DeFelice Homes. Over the 4 races that made up the round, Montermini finished 5th in race 1 and 14th in race 3 while Simonsen finished 2nd in race 2 and 6th in the fourth and final race.

Product code: LS18_RC09
Color: Red
Avaliability: Q3 2017