Ford GT Endurance Chronograph – Heritage 66 Dial by Autodromo

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The history of Ford at Le Mans has entered realm of motorsport myth and legend. And the story is still being written today, over 50 years after Ford’s maiden victory at La Sarthe in 1966.  The Ford GT Endurance Chronograph is Autodromo’s homage to endurance racing under the Blue Oval, past, present and future.

The 2016 Ford GT Heritage car is inspired by the first ever GT40 to win Le Mans in 1966. Driven by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon, it is a black Mk II with silver stripes, emblazoned with a number 2 and gold painted wheels. The Heritage 66 dial is Autodromo’s interpretation of the livery from the 1966 Le Mans winning car, combined with the number 2 roundel seen on the 2016 Ford GT Heritage car.

Sized at 40mm diameter, the GT Endurance Chronograph makes reference to racing watches of the 1960s, but is equally inspired by the avant-garde form language of the latest GT Supercar.

Autodromo is very proud to offer this Officially Licensed Ford Product.



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