INK 959 Rear Poster by Petrolicious

We’ve got to hand it to Petrolicious. With its countless owner/car profile videos and feature stories, the site has created one of the most authentic and captivating car enthusiast titles running. It’s easy to be a fan, and we suspect they’re capitalizing upon that fact with a new boutique of car enthusiast gear.



INK is a London-based digital production studio. As big fans of Le Mans they continue to celebrate its victorious vehicles through the continuation of their plainbody series – this time crafting the classic Dakar Rally Porsche 959.

The Porsche 959 was built for a number of reasons. Its predominant purpose though was to push the limits of Porsche’s rear-engine configuration, stacking all the innovations Porsche engineers could muster within four wheels. The end result was a technological titan with a Moby Dick-derived twin-turbo that sent 444hp through four drive wheels. It could automatically adjust the distribution of torque depending on the conditions, and it would also change its ride height to adapt without driver input. It was simply, a feat—Porsche had turned their sports car into a super car.



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