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J40 T-Shirt by Curb

We love Curb’s simple graphic style, and definitely when it’s applied to profile shots of some of our most favorite motoring icons. Case in point is this J40 design. – George@ChoiceGear

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J40 T-shirt with art by Stuart Macey.

A new installment in our off road series, the classic and beloved Toyota J series Land Cruiser. We absolutely love the machine like utilitarian design of this iconic off-roader.

The Toyota Land Cruiser was a the result of a reverse engineered Bantam GP found by the Imperial Japanese Army. It’s no secret that the “J” stands for Jeep, and that the Japanese had quickly realized the benefits of the general purpose vehicle and sought to perfect the platform. Perhaps the greatest validation of their efforts was the US Military’s extensive use of them in the Korean war.

Printed in California on premium quality 100% cotton T-Shirts.

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