James May’s Magnificent Machines by James May

James May’s Magnificent Machines takes you on a journey through the 20th century and the leaps in technology that it experienced.  A great read for the curious.



The 20th century was a time of extraordinary change as new technologies and inventions emerged at a bewildering rate. From the amazingly complex to the brilliantly simple, this entertaining and insightful guide investigates mankind’s greatest creations and successes, including space travel, television, mechanized war, medicine, video games, skyscrapers, electronic espionage, and much more. Along with the achievements, the hidden stories behind why some inventions—including the Zeppelin and the hovercraft—struggled to make their mark, and why others failed altogether, are also investigated. Packed with surprising statistics and intriguing facts, this is the ideal volume for anyone who wants to know the story behind history’s greatest gadgets and ideas.

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