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La Ferrari Maker System Kit by Meccano

In the grand spirit of learning mechanical skills through model kits like the classic erector sets, comes Meccano and their maker system. While the brand does create a wide range of you-build-it kits of this nature, we’re partial to the ones that pay homage to real models like the Ferrari La Ferrari.



Get your hands on the hyper exclusive LaFerrari with the Meccano LaFerrari model Set. This authentic vehicle set comes with 772 parts, and features coil-spring suspension, real working flip-up doors, 2 ergonomic tools and easy-to-follow instructions. Build your dream car and explore the mechanical wonders of the world with the Meccano LaFerrari Model Set. The future is yours to build with Meccano!

The Ferrari LaFerrari Set comes with 772 durable parts, real tools and instructions.
Build an authentic LaFerrari model.
This Ferrari LaFerrari Model features coil-spring suspension and real working flip-up doors.
The Meccano LaFerrari is for ages 10+. No batteries required.

772 Parts
2 Real Tools
1 Sticker Sheet
1 Instruction Guide



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