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LIMITED “901” T.M.G.P.S T-Shirt by Curb

Rowing your own gears is a dying ritual of passage.  Only 10% of cars sold in the United States are equipped with a manual transmission.  Curb Apparel has decided enough is enough.  The Manual Gearbox Preservation Society was born out of necessity.  This t-shirt will show the world that you too have had enough and you’re not going to take it any more.  Now get out there and downshift through the curves!




For a limited time we will be offering up small batches of the T.M.G.P.S insignia t-shirt with various shift patterns. As one pattern sells out we will introduce the next one.

For our third edition in this series we are going for something extra specific. The Porsche 901 transmission was manufactured by Porsche between 1964 and 1976. The transmission was used primarily in the 911 but variations were also used in the 904, 906, 912 and 914 production road and race cars.

Show your love for the unparalleled experience of the manual gearbox, and become an official member of the T.M.G.P.S!

3.5″ insignia on the left chest and 12″ on the rear.


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