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Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior Interceptor Diecast Model Car by AUTOart (1:18 scale)

The last of the V8 Interceptors… a piece of history!  AUTOart has this very detailed Interceptor V8 in a 1:18 scale.  I’m just here for the gasoline.



AUTOart launched its 1/18th scale Mad Max 2 Inteceptor die-cast model back in January 2008. Every possible minor detail is replicated, including: the two surplus fuel tanks in the trunk, jerry cans, and spare tire chained to the car; the detailed Ford 351 V-8 engine with Weiand supercharger and famous trapezoidal intake scoop; the red supercharger on-off switch on the gearshift knob; additional fuel meter and alarm on the dashboard; a doll’s head, plus the mount for the flashing police light; special dog seat mounted inside of the left door; special holders and pockets for Max’s machete and shotgun on the right door; the roll cage; a hidden machete pocket and a self-destruct bomb and switch at the rear end of the under chassis; and various accessories, including two machetes, a spare tire with metal chain, and two portable fuel tanks.

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