McLaren P1 by Engraved Blueprint Art

Engraved Blueprint Art is a family and veteran owned small business.  Kit Dumph and his wife Becky spend hours drawing these prints by hand.  Each print can be personalized for the buyer with the owners’ name, model year, and VIN along with any other text you want at no additional charge.  Hang one of these beautifully detailed blueprints on your wall and be prepared for guests to ask you about it.



This is a detail intensive blueprint drawing of a McLaren P1 with technical specifications (engine, body, transmission and more). Our blueprints are digitally drawn by hand and then laser etched on 24X18 inch material. Mediums such as wood and acrylic are then paint filled to give a strong contrast.

Material Types, Thickness, and Mounting

  • Alder Wood (stained cherry) | 1/2″-3/4″ Thick | Metal framed with hangers
  • Acrylic (Black or White) | 1/8″ Thick | Metal framed with hangers
  • Anodized Aluminum | .040 thick | flush mounted with command strip hangers and spacers

Available Designs

  • Standard Landscape Style

“Stock” Pricing

Please ensure to add vehicle pertinent information when you check out in the cart section if you desire to do so. This is included in the “stock” pricing at no extra cost. This includes things like the owners name, car year, VIN number, and even specific text you would like to add. We will send you a proof after you make the purchase for your approval before we engrave.

“Custom” Pricing

If your car differs greatly from the stock drawing, and you would like your piece to reflect this, please choose the “custom” pricing. If you have aftermarket rims, body, etc. we can draw this to exact detail. All we need are high resolution images of the angles you like of your car, and we can redraw them. This price includes up to 5 photos (typically a side profile, front and back, wheels and engine photos). We will send you a proof after you make the purchase for your approval before we engrave.

Have a car, engine, or something else that we don’t have? No problem! Just message us and we will work directly with you to create it from scratch!

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