Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Station Wagon by GT Spirit (1:18 scale)

GT Spirit has grown a strong name for itself in building some of the coolest resin models and yet holds them to a reasonable price. Porsche aficionados in particular should make sure they’re familiar with the manufacturer, given their breadth of scale model cars.

– Bill@ChoiceGear


When the Mercedes Class C generation was introduced to the public, it became the most tested model of the brand with more than 24 million km done with prototypes alone. The break would become the C63 AMG. The humble family car became a sports monster for all fast and furious fathers. Its V8 with 457 horsepower turn any pleasant stroll into a rodeo. Changing gears makes for a majestic, primal cacophony of noise up to 7000 rpm. With its double lobe on the bonnet and its 19″ rims, it seems to have escaped straight for the race course.



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