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Mercedes-Benz Racing Car Transporter LO 2750 by CMC (1:18 scale)

The pre-war Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows dominated races during the 1930s and are very cool but I kinda dig the transporter that got them there.  The Mercedes-Benz LO 2750 pictured here is a highly detailed model from CMC.  Constructed of over 2,300 parts including wood, stainless steel, brass, and leather, this LO 2750 is a work of art.



Mercedes-Benz amassed dominant victories with its Silver Arrows in the racing of the 1930s. Public attention tended to focus on the winning cars afterwards: Types W25, W125, W154 and W165. But a no less significant role was played by the racing-car transporters, which carried renowned Silver Arrows to the race tracks all over Europe safe and sound.

In the process, they created an indelible image of brand excellence and commitment to competition. For transporting racing cars, Mercedes-Benz had a 2.75-ton truck of the type LO 2750 readily available — produced by its own factory in Gaggenau. With a low-lying floor and a low loading-platform, the vehicle was a nice fit for the task of loading and unloading Silver Arrows.
A reliable and economical 4-cylinder diesel engine with an output of 65 hp facilitated a safe and punctual transport to the race tracks. Soon, painted in an iconic Mercedes blue with the lettering “Mercedes-Benz Rennabteilung” at its tail, the truck became an integral part of the factory transport-and-supply chain. The racing scene was no longer imaginable without them.

The LO 2750 Transporter fleet often returned to Stuttgart as celebrated winners. With the tarpaulin removed and the side boards and tailgate let down, the loaded victorious cars were displayed for the local crowds to see. Because of the significance of these pre-war Silver-Arrow transporters, CMC decided to honor their memory in the form of an authentic high-end model despite the challenges that came with it.

•    Hand-crafted metal precision model built from 2,365 single parts, of which 1,991 parts use metals
•    True-to-the-original loading bed and tarpaulin cover, made of a variety of materials: metal, wood, textile, brass and leather
•    Metal furnishings on the side boards and tailgate
•    The loading bed is constructed to transport every type of the CMC-Mercedes pre-war-Silver-Arrow models
•    Highly detailed 4-cylinder diesel-engine, complete with all aggregates, pipes and cabling
•    Detachable three-part bonnet with spring-loaded locking hooks
•    Hand-crafted stainless-steel cooler with a Mercedes-Star filler cap that unscrews (caution needed, risk of breakage, observe operating instructions)
•    Beautifully-replicated driver’s cab with a movable hand-brake lever and hinged windscreen. Seats are upholstered in real leather, and the bench cushion is removable.
•    Openable doors and functional direction indicator (winker)
•    Side boards and tailgate can be folded down; both are made of real wood
•    Detachable loading ramps and affixed rails are made of metal
•    Metal framework with wood-plank support for the tarpaulin
•    Foldable tarpaulin made of textile with brass eyelets and leather straps
•    2 detachable spare wheels under the loading bed
•    2 openable tool boxes, mounted left on the frame
•    Large diesel-tank made of metal with a functional filler neck cap
•    Front and rear axles made of metal
•    Detailed underbody that displays hand-brake linkage and hydraulic piping
•    Two-tone paintwork with tampon-printed lettering

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