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Mercedes-Benz Unimog 425 CC-01 Chassis R/C Car, 1:10 Scale by Tamiya

Fancy yourself a brutish Mercedes-Benz Unimog but can’t afford the real thing? We’d suggest you try it in scale, 1:10 scale to be specific. Tamiya offers this R/C take in just such a size, complete with four-wheel drive that’ll get you over the toughest terrain.

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The 425 – It’s No Square
This is a factory finished R/C model of the multi-purpose 425, a vehicle in the famed and long-running Mercedes-Benz Unimog series. The polycarbonate body captures with great accuracy the squared lines of the 425, including the boxy cabin and square headlights, and is pre-painted in orange. Separate parts depict side mirrors and snorkel, plus metal-plated parts capturing the light cases and emblems with aplomb. The all-terrain CC-01 chassis is a perfect choice to accompany this rugged all-rounder, and is matched with block tires for great performance on- and off-road.

The All-Terrain CC-01 Chassis
The CC-01’s highly reliable and efficient full-time 4WD system features a longitudinally-positioned motor, which transmits power to the front wheels via the gearbox and to the rear wheels via propeller shaft. Front and rear differentials enable smooth cornering, and for even greater off-road performance on rough terrain, the rear differential may be reassembled to make it a locked unit. The chassis suspension employs double-wishbone front upper I-arms and lower H-arms plus rear rigid suspension. With 4 CVA oil dampers in total fitted to the front and rear, there’s enough cushion to take on even the roughest surfaces.

2.4GHz Transmitter Included
In addition to the painted body, this item also includes a wheel-type transmitter, battery pack and charger to allow instant enjoyment of driving. (*Battery pack and charger are included for Japan market only.) The 2.4GHz transmitter eliminates the need for frequency crystals, and is factory-paired with the receiver in the model to ensure that the receiver communicates with that transmitter only. Transmitter features detachable grip covers to match your hand size as well as a throttle trigger cover to increase the size of the throttle trigger for easier operation.

●Length: 419mm ●Width: 196mm ●Height: 227mm ●Wheelbase: 242mm ●Tread (Front & Rear): 163mm ●Tire Width/Diameter (Front & Rear): 36/94mm ●Ladder Frame-Style Bathtub Chassis ●Longitudinally-Placed Motor & Shaft-Driven Full-Time 4WD ●Front and Rear 3-Bevel Differential Gears ●Front Suspension: Double Wishbone, Rear Suspension: 4-Link Rigid ●Front and Rear CVA Oil Dampers ●Gear Ratio=1:14.67 ●Type 540 Motor and Electronic Speed Controller (Forward/Reverse Type) included.

Separately Required Items
●R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter

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