Microfiber Vent and Grill Brush, Set of 2 by Griot’s Garage

Microfiber is always great when detailing, except when you just can’t reach that spot. Fortunately, Griot’s Garage is all over that problem with the addition of their Vent & Grill brush set  – long brushes tipped with microfiber fabric.

– George@ChoiceGear


This 17″ long brush is ideal for detailing interior vents, accessories control panels, and tight wheel spokes. Hard to reach areas around badges, front grills, intricately designed road wheels, and elaborate body trim are also easily accessible thanks to the handy ultrasonically welded 6″ x 7/8″ microfiber brush. It works fantastic with products like Interior Cleaner, Bug & Smudge Remover, Wheel Cleaner, and more. Get this brush and leave no nook or cranny untouched.

More Information: GriotsGarage.com


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