Military Land Rover Enthusiast’s Manual by Haynes

Technically it’s an ‘Enthusiast’s Manual’, but we’re guessing most people who buy this guide to military grade Land Rovers don’t actually own one… and we’re most jealous of the few who actually do. Whether you’re in the camp of owning one or not, any Land Rover enthusiast will love this paperback guide to serious Landy hardware.


An insight into the history, development, production and roles of the British Army’s light four-wheel drive jeep.

Land Rovers have been used by the military since they were introduced, in Series I form, in 1948. The Land Rover’s rugged, ‘go-anywhere’ reputation has led to its use in a vast number of military roles, from general-purpose workhorse to special forces reconnaissance vehicle, ambulance, communications vehicle and weapons platform. Additionally, a number of one-off prototypes have been produced for various trials. This manual provides a unique insight into the world of military Land Rovers, with an emphasis on military operation and equipment.

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