Mk1 GTI Socks by Striipe Design

This sock offering that’s part of the so-called “OEM collection” from Striipe Design is about as inside baseball as one might get for the world of Volkswagen GTI owners. Inspired by the first-generation Giugiaro-designed model dubbed “Mk1”, these socks pay tribute to the red and blue striped upholstery only offered in cars sold in America and built at the long-ago-closed Volkswagen Westmoreland facility. In as much, European Mk1 fans may not get the reference, but anyone who knows what a “Westy” is should find them immediately familiar.


Designers Notes:
“After my 914 gave up the ghost, my second car was a Silver Mk. 1 GTI. I loved the timeless Giugiaro designed exterior and savored every moment behind the wheel, supported in my heavily bolstered dark blue sport seats with the stylish red and blue stripes.”

•  60% Nylon, 39% Recycled Polyester, 1% Lycra
•  Moisture Wicking Fibers
•  Breathable Performance Mesh
•  Anatomic Form
•  7” Double Layer Cuff

Product Care:
•  Machine Wash Cold
•  Avoid Bleach, Harsh Detergents and Ironing
•  Hang Dry for Best Results

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