Monoposto Chronograph Black Dial by Autodromo

Autodromo draws their inspiration from the Golden Age of Motoring. Their designs blends contemporary and minimalistic taste with mid-century vintage character. All products are designed in-house by a passionate team for the discerning individual.



The Monoposto –literally meaning “single seat” — was created to recall a simpler era of Grand Prix racing, when the only information the driver had was contained in a few oversized dials and the seat of his pants.

In this golden age, things were a little less mathematical than today. Since there were no rev limiters or electronic aids to keep the driver from blowing up his engine, well intentioned mechanics would commonly apply a strip of red tape, or a line of red paint on the glass of the rev counter to make sure the driver knew his engine’s limit at a glance. Autodromo pays homage to this humble practice with our own “redline” crystal. The handmade leather strap and roller buckle are also designed to evoke the leather bonnet straps found on Grand Prix cars of this era.

The Monoposto was originally produced as a Limited Edition time-only watch in 2012. It went on to achieve something of a cult status after selling out in a matter of months. Autodromo is proud to re-release the Monoposto as our very first Automatic Chronograph. The Monoposto Chronograph is produced in a Limited Edition of 500 pieces, with 200 black dials, 200 silver dials, and 100 in Azzurro. Each piece is individually numbered and lavishly presented in a numbered collector’s box.

The case of the Monoposto Chronograph is the same 43mm size as the original watch, but with an additional 3 mm of thickness to accommodate the column wheel automatic chronograph movement that beats within. The signature “redline” crystal is also back for this new edition. The collectors box also retains the same shape as the original watch, but with all new designs for the booklet and outer box.



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