Monoposto Chronograph Matching Numbers Collectors Box Set by Autodromo

Autodromo draws their inspiration from the Golden Age of Motoring. Their designs blends contemporary and minimalistic taste with mid-century vintage character. All products are designed in-house by a passionate team for the discerning individual.



For the Autodromisti that has everything, we have produced an extremely limited edition boxed set containing 3 matching numbers Monoposto Chronographs. There are only 12 sets, comprising the first 12 examples of each color.

The set comes in a custom made wooden box shaped to resembled the air cleaner of a Colombo V-12 engine, complete with firing order plaque. The lid is inlaid with leather pads to protect the watch crystals.

Includes 3 Monoposto Chronographs with matching serial numbers
Wooden box handmade in the USA
Special “firing order” number plaque
Own one of the first 12 serial numbers



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