Otto Exhaust Speaker Dock by iXOOST Artistic Audio

iXOOST Artistic Audio is renowned for their distinctive range of quality and beautiful audio products made with original car exhausts.



Imagine a dock for your passion. iXOOST will make your sound richer and more lifelike than you’ve ever heard before thanks to the use of a genuine F1 exhaust (exclusive patent right).

Model: iXOOST OTTO – eight cylinders
Description: Audio system for iPod®/iPhone®
Material: Anticorodal 6082

2x 28mm Silk Dome Tweeter
2x 57mm Midrange / PPM cone
1x 65mm Extended Range
1x 200mm Subwoofer
High density flux ferrite

4x 25W
1x 270W (active subwoofer)

Frequency response: 38 – 20.000Hz
Input voltage: 100V – 240V ~ 50/60Hz
Power Supply: 12VDC
Inputs: iPod® / iPhone®
(Lightning & 30-pin connector)
Height: 170mm (6.7 in)
Width: 500mm (19.6 in)
Depth: 380mm (14.9 in)



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