P-car Valet Keychain by Joshy Robots

The iconic air-cooled Porsche 911 has a lot of unique quirks, but one of the most legendary is the placement of the ignition to the left of the steering wheel. They say it made for faster firing of the engine during the old gentlemen-run-to-your-car days at Le Mans. Today, it’s just cool and this new simple retro plastic key fob emphasizes that fact.

– George@ChoiceGear


Legend has it Ferdinand Porsche put the keys on the left to give his Le Mans drivers a leg up (left hand ignition, slap it in gear with the right).

This keychain might come in handy if the valet, dude at the alignment shop, your old man or some stickup kid is having a hard time finding the hole.

More Information: JoshyRobots.com


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