Piggyback Print by Unique & Limited Gallery

Unique & Limited Gallery is a team of artists, automotive enthusiasts, and perfectionist. Every piece of artwork they create recaptures historic moments with new technology to preserve the past for future enthusiasts.  Add these beautiful works of art to your gallery.



24 Hours Le Mans, France / 12-13 June 1971

There are three Porsche 917s in this image. Number 22, driven by the team of Helmut Marko and Gijs van Lennep, took the trophy with 397 laps. Number 19, piloted by Richard Attwood and Herbert Müller, came in second at 395.

These two 917K’s may have won Le Mans in 1971, but it was number 23 (a 917/20) that won history—and it didn’t even finish. Named the “Pink Pig” for its peculiar body modifications and pink paint job (complete with carving lines), the car was crashed by its driver, Reinhold Joest, halfway through the race.

Porsche, as a brand, dominated Le Mans that year representing more than half of the entries and taking 10 of the 13 finishes, so it’s odd that one of their failures dominated the headlines.

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