Radial6 Aviation Exhaust Speaker Dock by iXOOST Artistic Audio

iXOOST Artistic Audio is renowned for their distinctive range of quality and beautiful audio products made with original car exhausts.



Get ready to fly!

iXOOST proposes the iconographic transformation of everyday aeronautic items into a single object, inspired by the world of planes – part and parcel of the DNA of the iXOOST designer Mirco Percorari. Radial6 is an audio dock designed primarily with heart and passion, inspired by those unique aeronautic details: from the radial engine to the flap, from the hangar to the flight, not to mention the pilot himself. Radial6 is the first dock to fly with its music.

Radial6 is the first dock that draws on the world of planes: nose cones, cylinders and flaps for this incredible creation which, in the pure spirit of iXOOST, finds its key connotation in the final section of the tailpipe.

Like all our dock stations, Radial6 is beautiful to look at from any angle.
The front part is inspired by old radial plane engines, and the beautiful nose cone (carved from a solid block) virtually turns this dock into a flying machine ready for take-off.

Its circularity is not an end unto itself, but designed to offer a sound front as open and natural as possible: the transducers are made up of two 28mm tweeters, four 57mm midrange speakers, while the back part features a 165mm woofer.

The supporting blade, again carved out of a solid block, raises the dock, making it visually light. An outright mechanical masterpiece (with all cabling passing through the inside of the block), the blade closes perfectly with the nose cone and the crankcase of the back woofer to imitate a real plane engine.

Details: iXOOST.it 


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