Red RUF 964 SCR 4.2 by GT Spirit (1:18 scale)

GT Spirit has grown a strong name for itself in building some of the coolest resin models and yet holds them to a reasonable price. Porsche aficionados in particular should make sure they’re familiar with the manufacturer, given their breadth of scale model P cars… just like the 964 Ruf SCR 4.2.

– George@ChoiceGear

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To buy a RUF should not be mistaken with owning a Porsche. This 964 SCR42 has managed to synthesize 50 years of the company’s history, a history obsessed by performance. To meet its targets the German manufacturer sought to reduce as much as possible the aerodynamic drag. The chassis was redesigned with a longer wheelbase for a better stability. This modification was certainly need to be able to handle the weight/power ratio of 525 horsepower for only 1190 kg.



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