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Red VW Porsche 914 by Wiking (1:87 scale)

Wiking specializes in model cars and trucks from the 1950s to the present. They use over 90 years of history to build perfectly detailed miniatures,



The red varnish stood on the wish list of former customers – a typical color of the Flowerpower years. No doubt, the “VW-Porsche” also looks 40 years later more odd than other sports cars. But he is also a unique car. After a constructive cooperation between Volkswagen and Porsche, the Type 914 was launched in the autumn of 1969 with an air-cooled box motor. The four-cylinder cars with an 80 hp engine once ran off the track at Karmann in Osnabrück, while Porsche even staged the six-cylinder with a proud 110 hp in Stuttgart. The difference between this Porsche and the unusual twin-engine with a mid-engine and detachable Targadach sometimes also brought unjustified havoc: “Coal-box” was called because of its angular shape. As a “Vopo”, which was identical with “Volkssporsche”, everyone knew that the Porsche 914 was meant. Until 1976, the “VW Porsche” was built 120,000 times and is now regarded as a youngtimer of particular quality.



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