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Roll Cage Phone Case for iPhone SE from AUTOart

AUTOart continues with their comprehensive line of personal accessories inspired by racing and racing equipment with this new phone case for the Apple iPhone SE. Inspired by a roll cage, it spans the phone from corner to corner, protecting it without adding much in the way of weight or mass.



The roll cage in a racing car is a safety device designed to protect the driver in case of an accident. Racing machines didn’t always have them, or have very good ones, and there’s been a lot of blood and tears shed in the process of reaching today’s highly developed designs. The modern safety cage is an intricate latticework fabricated from welded steel tubing cross-braced and gusseted in various locations for maximum strength and protection. In production-body cars, it is carefully tailored to the cabin to supply protection of the driver against impact from all possible directions, particularly when the car has rolled over, while also conforming to the contours of the production roofline.

Racecar fabricators must strike a balance between safety and weight. The design of the roll cage must not be too heavy, or else it will penalize the performance of the car, and yet it must be strong enough to withstand the impact force.

Utilizing the same concept, AUTOart produces a detailed likeness of a modern roll cage to protect your iPhone. The intricate replica roll cage is made of injection plastic that is chrome plated to give a metallic feel. The design of X-braces and gussets forms a real safety cage to protect the four corners of the iPhone so that when it is accidentally dropped on a hard surface, the phone case and glass are protected from breaking.

As with real racing machines, the AUTOart iPhone roll cage is light and will not add significant weight or bulk to the phone.  And unlike some phone jackets available in the market that are made with a heavy material encasing the phone, AUTOart’s safety cage will not block and weaken the phone reception. The AUTOart smartphone safety cage is available for iPhone 5, 5S and SE. All are hand packed in an attractive gift box featuring a clear window.

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