RWB 964 Targa by GT Spirit (1:18 scale)

GT Spirit has grown a strong name for itself in building some of the coolest resin models and yet holds them to a reasonable price. Porsche aficionados in particular should make sure they’re familiar with the manufacturer, given their breadth of scale model cars… just like this RWB 964 Targa.

– Bill@ChoiceGear


Akira Nakai, founder of RWB is a Japanese car enthusiast who is constantly fiddling with the Porsches he loves so much. This Targa was not spared, and, with its front bumpers, underbody extensions and side wings, has become a true RWB. While being built, its drive train was also redesigned to allow room for a Flat-6 coupled with a manual 5-gearbox. Rare, and thus desirable, this Targa had its interior refitted with exclusive elements.



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