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S do Senna T-shirt by T-lab

Given T-lab’s penchant for stylizing famous or iconic race tracks, it seems more than appropriate that they’d turn their attentions to Interlagos’ S-curve named for legendary F1 driver Ayrton Senna. Not surprisingly, the colors directly harken the Brazilian flag, printed in yellow and white on a dark green T-shirt.



Brazil’s Interlagos circuit has many twists and turns, and none more challenging than than the S do Senna (Senna’s S). Coming at the end of the uphill 200mph straight the track suddenly twists down and to the left, making it hard to get the right approach angle. Nail that and you’re immediately into the second right-hander of the S, from which you need a perfect exit to have any chance of overtaking on the upcoming straight…

Two colour screen print onto dark green heavyweight 100% cotton shirt.

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