Scrambler e-Bike by Vintage Electric

As we were walking around Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca during Monterey Car Week, we noticed a lot of teams had e-bikes for easy transport around the paddocks.  The thought that sprung to mind was “What a great idea!”.  Featured here is Vintage Elctric Bikes’ Scrambler, a good looking bike that’s inspired by racers of the past.  A fitting setting for a fetching bike.



This is your have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too electric bike – one that works just as well pulling up for a cold brew at your local coffee shop as it does climbing to a breath-taking view on a twisting fire road. This bike will bring you back to a time when adventure and wheelies were all that mattered – what are you waiting for?

Utilizing a classic moto-inspired inverted design, this fork is made to last. Our dual sport valving smoothens dirt roads while allowing for maximum road performance. Going from a smooth city street to a twisting dirt road is as easy as pointing your tires where you want to go.

These oversized heavy duty handlebars put you in the perfect riding position to attack your commute. Keeping you upright, comfortable and stable on all terrain.

The most trusted name for hydraulic disc brakes in the cycling community, Shimano provides the Scrambler with trusted technology and unsurpassed braking performance. Featuring an oversized 203mm front disc for optimal braking power at 36 MPH.

The heart and soul of the Scrambler, our patent pending aluminum battery box is beautifully designed and locally sand cast in San Jose, CA. This special housing protects crucial electrical components, including the 702 watt hour lithium battery. It also disperses heat, allowing our high performance system to run at lower temperatures, increasing efficiency.

The Scrambler is equipped with Schwalbe Black Jack knobby tires. These tires provide a tactile traction for seamless transitions from pavement to dirt. Woven with KevlarGuard, a bullet-stopping, robust material that protects against flats.

Standard on the Scrambler is Race Mode which utilizes a 3,000 watt rear hub motor that rapidly accelerates the rider to 36 Miles/Hour (58 Km/Hour). With that amazing powerhouse and a feather light frame, the Scrambler packs a punch. Welcome to the ride of your life. Race Mode is intended for off road use only. Simply remove the Race Mode key to switch back into street legal mode and comply with local regulations including USA and EU standards.

A race inspired aluminum number plate holds a small yet powerful LED light to keep you safe on and off road. The Scrambler also comes equipped with our integrated rear taillight. These lights run off the main battery with integrated wiring. No wires or batteries to worry about.

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