‘When Sex Was Safe’ Book – Unique & Limited Gallery by Waft Publishing

Unique & Limited Gallery is a team of artists, automotive enthusiasts, and perfectionist. Every piece of artwork they create recaptures historic moments with new technology to preserve the past for future enthusiasts.  Add these beautiful works of art to your gallery.



There was a time ‘When Sex Was Safe and Motor Racing Bloody Dangerous’. But what was it like? And what exactly happened?

Our first ever book – made possible by the talented automotive publishers, Waft – tells the stories behind some of the most thrilling moments in racing history, accompanied by 21 of our breathtaking and meticulously crafted artworks. It’s a book we’re immensely proud of, and one that anyone can easily lose themselves in.

Publisher: Waft.be
Language: English
Format: 300×300 mm / Hardcover
Pages: 253

Details: Unique-Limited.com


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