Solid Light Blue Laces by Whiskers

Let’s face it, car enthusiasts like to upgrade modify. Making your car look better, more tailored to your tastes, is something that goes hand-in-hand with car ownership. To that end, we’re keen on these new upgrade dress shoelaces from Whiskers. Familiar colors with metallic finished tips is the perfect mod for a sharp set of loafers. – George@ChoiceGear



The blue-footed booby is a species of marine bird. The only reason anyone talks about it is—you guessed it—the blue feet. Conclusion: Blue feet equal talk value.

  • Aglet Style: Silver
  • Length: 33″ (standard length for men’s dress and casual shoes)
  • Aglet Width: 4mm (may not fit dress shoes with skinny or metal eyelets, check back in late May for some skinny aglet options)

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