Solid Light Green Shoe Laces by Whiskers

Let’s face it, car enthusiasts like to upgrade modify. Making your car look better, more tailored to your tastes, is something that goes hand-in-hand with car ownership. To that end, we’re keen on these new upgrade dress shoelaces from Whiskers. Familiar colors with metallic finished tips is the perfect mod for a sharp set of loafers. – George@ChoiceGear



Aliens are always portrayed as green. Unless they’re gray. But no one pays attention to those ones. Lesson: Don’t wear gray.

  • Aglet Style: Silver
  • Length: 33″ (standard length for men’s dress and casual shoes)
  • Aglet Width: 4mm (may not fit dress shoes with skinny or metal eyelets, check back in late May for some skinny aglet options)

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