The Little Red Racing Car: Hardcover – Original Sketch Package by Carpe Viam

When Dwight Knowlton’s son was born, he knew he had to find the perfect book to share his passion for autos. When he couldn’t find what he was looking for, he wrote and illustrated one. The Little Red Racing Car is an awards winning book that started an outlet for Dwight’s imagination and Carpe Viam- Seize The Road was founded. All the designs and creations are created by Dwight to share his joy with his son and the world.



Perfect for a VERY special gift – give a Hardcover copy of The Little Red Racing Car with an original, hand-drawn sketch by the author inside the front cover.

If there is a page that holds special meaning, that page can be sketched upon request. Email: to make your request.

Please allow two weeks for delivery of an Original Sketch book.
About The Little Red Racing Car:
Yahoo!® Autos calls it, “The Best Kids Car Book Ever”.
The Little Red Racing Car is the award winning story of a 1955 Maserati once racing great races, then left to decay in an old barn. It’s a story of a boy finding a car, restoring it with his dad, and an amazing discovery along the way. The red car was once driven by the great Sir Stirling Moss! This book is full to the brim with the best things in life: Family, History, Racing Cars, Hard Work… and a Dream Realized.

It’s a 2014 American Graphic Design Award winner and recipient of two IAMAs (International Automotive Media Awards). A Gold Medal for Book Design | Total Book, and a Silver Medal for Book Writing | Fiction.

It’s independently published, and Made with Pride in the USA – on paper from the USA.

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