Toyota Land Cruiser FJ56 Fire Truck – 1:43 Scale by AutoCult

AutoCult continues their line of scale model cars for fans of obscure automotive design with this Toyota Land Cruiser FJ56 fire truck. – George@ChoiceGear


Asian Peculiarity

With the Japanese peculiarity of the doorless fire departments, models were created based on a Toyota Land Cruiser, for which Toyota was especially producing the type 56 only in Japan between 1975 and 1980.

A 4,2 liters 6-cylinder engine was installed for the drive, and after the individual requirements of the fire department, the construction was designed and the Japanese coach builders were showing their creative way.

Primarily it was especially the waiver of both doors, which reminded the Nippon off-road vehicle on the roots of the entire generation of Jeep. It was always the same idea, which already existed during the development of the original Jeep. In both cases, it was to get on and off very fast. The quick get on was saving precious seconds in the fire station when the alarm signals shrilled, and the jump out upon arrival at the fire was also saving valuable time.

The seat possibilities of the driver and co-driver were very spartan on the firmly mounted bench seat. Also the bench seat for the colleagues was uncomfortable, who took place on the rear end. The lack of real comfort became clear, as only a short fabric was used as a roof, which makes the driving very draughty in total. For the cold season, there were also flick-up fabric doors, which were not an effective means against cold, wind and rain.

The fire department of Toyota was available, depending on the model type and wheelbase, with a double bench at the front or without a central seat on the superstructure. Such special fire department Land-Cruisers were used for example in the Japanese prefecture Fukui or in Colombo, the capital of Sir Lanka.

For reasons of capacity, the Land Cruiser was carrying only all most important firefighting equipment on board, of course primarily a powerful fire horse, for which an external water reservoir was needed.

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