Trans-Am T-shirt by Neu Livery via TeePublic

The F-body Trans-Am wasn’t just limited to Knight Rider. The wedge-shaped Pontiac coupe built from 1982-1992 stood out from the 80’s muscle car segment in its show of modernity with aerodynamics like pop-up headlights and trick-looking disc hubcaps… not to mention tech like turbocharging. This vintage design seems to capture the Reagan era swagger of Pontiac’s highest performance offering. Available on the TeePublic on-demand site, this means you can get it in your choice of color and style T-shirt, or any number of other articles of clothing and more.


Fans of the F-body Pontiac Trans-Am will likely appreciate this 1980s vintage design in stylized animated form as you might have expected from CarToons Magazine back in the day. With flaming exhaust pipes, the caption reads “Mess with the Best and You Lose Like the Rest.”

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