US/Metric Cylinder Bleeder Kit by Matco Tools

Matco Tools is a well known manufacturer of quality tool boxes, diagnostic equipment, but mostly for their tools.  Their white vans are recognizable to any professional or enthusiasts.  Now it’s even easier to buy Matco through their online store.  Equip your house garage like a professional with the latest from Matco Tools.



  • Fits import and domestic vehicles using English or Metric master cylinders on or off the vehicle
  • US adapters: two 3/8″-24, one 7/16″-24, one 9/16″-18, one 9/16″-20 and two *-20
  • Metric adapters: four M10 x 1.0, two M10 x 1.25, one M11 x 1.5, two M12 x 1.0, one M12 x 1.5 and one M13 x 1.5
  • Hose holder, hose, thread gauge and instructions

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