Volkswagen Corrado VR6 by OttoMobiles – 1:18 Scale

Richard Hammond called it a future classic.  Car & Driver called it a “exotically flavored sports coupe”.  Others called it the vehicle that made mechanics out of its owners. Whatever camp you fall in, this intensely accurate 1:18 scale model from Otto Models is a mandatory buy for VW lovers.



The VR6 launch was the death knell for the G60. Although the front still bears the square headlights reminding us of the Golf 2 Rallye, a few notable modifications appear that differentiate it from the G60 Corrado: the three-bar grill, the cambered bonnet, along with the BBS rims. What remains the same however is the retractable rear wing, trademark of the Corrado. Gifted with an engine worthy of a goldsmith, the Volkswagen Corrado VR6 transforms itself into a small luxury GT. Rare, powerful, fit to live in: this Coupé has everything to seduce fans of quality workmanship and mechanics.

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