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Volkswagen T1 Samba Pink Bus by Wiking (1:87 scale)

HO Scale is just a bit too tiny for a Barbie doll, but this pink Samba from Wiking seems geared for the girliest of girl dolls…complete with pink curtains and more.



Samba bus upper part with engraved VW logo in pearl white and silver-painted logo, lower chassis part light pink. Closed folding roof papyrus white. Front headlamps transparent, tail lights red transparent inserts. Interior with three bench seats and steering wheel papyrus white. Bumpers with horns front and back, pearl white wheel rims, chassis anthracite grey. Upper chassis part with applied silver ornamental strip. Side door handles but also headlamp faces and associated chrome rings painted silver. Indicators imprinted traffic orange. Bumpers imprinted with silver chrome strip. Rear glazing with curtain design.



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