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VW Vanagon Organizer by Ketzal Bags

What better way of finding out what works best for #vanlife than driving across the world? Ketzal Bags’s founder did just that and learned what worked best for van organization & limited storage. Teaming up with local artisans, Ketzal Bags is the answer to the toughest #vanlife problem.



A balance of big and small pockets provides enough space and variety for all your stuff without overloading the Ketzal. You can fit walkie talkies, a 40oz hydroflask, maps, a couple books, telephone and camera chargers, a knife, a flashlight or mini-lantern, or whatever other doodads you have floating around. We also added two rings on both sides, which are reinforced as well. These are for people who wish to attach the Ketzal to their arm rests without the band, to hang items off, or for a backup down the road if the elastic stretches.

Product Features:

-Fits ALL model years

-Handmade from 100% genuine leather

-Waxed polyester double-stitching

-Heavy duty elastic band (optional use)

There are three attachment points to the seat to ensure it doesn’t sag or swing while underway. Two metal rings, which you slide the head rest through, support it at the top. There’s a single minimalistic elastic band in the middle designed to hold it tight without interfering with the passenger’s comfort. And, at the bottom, there are two straps to cinch it to the seat’s hinges.



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