Zonda Socks by Heel Tread

Whether you’re a fan of Pagani or simply like the clean carbon fiber look, these socks are a great look for those who like to keep their car aficionado status on the down low. For that we turn to Portuguese firm Heel Tread. – George@ChoiceGear


This mad, mad car looks like the love child between the batmobile and a concorde jet. It always seems (and sounds) like it might take off to the skies at any moment. F1 legend Fangio was involved in this Pagani development so you know this thing can move. The sock design is a tribute to the stuff it’s mostly made of: carbon fiber.

80% Combed Cotton, 17% Polyamide, 3% Elastane.
We use seamless knitting to create a sock with no stitches.

More Information: HeelTread.com


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